How your dentist can help with sleep apnea?

How your dentist can help with sleep apnea?

Sleep is quite essential for any individual since it provides them with the desired rest after a whole day’s work. That’s why it’s vital to get the required amount of sleep without any obstruction in it. A good, comfortable sleep will result in a more comfortable and confident behavior the following day which will also affect your work output.

There are large numbers of people from all around the world and also from Norway who are suffering from either snoring or sleep apnea. Both of them are having their effects, but sleep apnea is a more severe condition as compared to snoring. This is mainly because in the case of sleep apnea it is blocking the air passage from the mouth which can even result in chocking during your sleeping.

How can dentists help me to fight sleep apnea?

It is evident that sleep apnea is not to be treated by a dentist, but there are a few of the cases when this is caused due to dental hygiene. In that case, the dentist can help you to fight against such a situation to solve your concern. There are dental devices available which one can wear in their mouth to improve the sleep apnea of an individual.

One should immediately find out an alternative for Sleep Apnea as it can likely cause choking. As the flow of air is blocked, one can likely face breathing problems while they are sleeping. It is quite easy to identify this problem as the individual will have a small pause after every breath which is caused due to the blocking of the passage.

This mouth guard will be holding the jaw and tongue in its respective position. It will help in reducing their movement which will be helpful in ensuring that there is the least amount of noise produced due to the sleep apnea. It will not allow the tongue to move on its own in the mouth and get back to the throat to block the free flow of air through the mouth.

Effect of the devices in your mouth

You will feel uncomfortable with the device fitted in your mouth. Even many of the people have reported that there is more saliva production in their mouth while using the device. This kind of problem will only last until you are entirely comfortable with the device in your mouth. With time this issues will turn out to be normal.

The prime thing which will, therefore, be required is getting accustomed to the device by using them regularly. If you don’t use it regularly, it will turn out to be challenging to make your mouth getting used to using the device on a regular basis and sleeping with those devices on.


Thus, we can say that we can use the device which is available for getting rid of the sleep apnea. This device will help you to remove the blockage which is faced by the flowing air from your body. It will help you to have a proper breathing pattern which is quite comfortable for you and also your body. Some people report using a mandibular advancement splint from a dentist also help with the snoring, I got some great testimonials from the dentist in Bergen (Tannlege Bergen).